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As a public service to the CNMI and the worldwide community, author and nurse, Riza Ramos, has authorized a FREE pdf download of GermStopper Boy for families, educators and health care personnel to freely share. If you wish the hardcover edition, US mainland (and international) customers may order the hardcover edition from Walt's PassionProfit site.

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image of Walt F.J. Goodridge Walt F.J. Goodridge is a Columbia University graduate (B.S. Civil Engineering) who walked away from his career to pursue his passion and to help others do the same. Now known as "the Passion Prophet," he is author of over two dozen books--including Turn Your Passion into Profit--more than 300 articles and over 500 "life rhymes!"

He writes several newsletters and blogs including the popular "Jamaican in China" nomadpreneur travel blog and manages over 120 domains and associated social media pages (FaceBook, Youtube, etc.)

Walt escaped from America to live a nomadpreneur's dream life on Saipan! Since arriving, he has embarked on several projects to make a difference and to help improve the quality of life on the island.

Since relocating to Saipan, he has:
► conducted several "Turn Your Passion into Profit" workshops

► launched the "We Love Saipan" website/blogger movement

► started a Food Co-op/Buyer's Group

► written over 300 empowerment articles for the Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety newspapers in the weekly Saipanpreneur Column

► conducted numerous writer workshops for aspiring authors on Saipan. View www.saipanwriters.com and also on Guam (see www.guamwriters.com

► conducted similar workshops on the neighboring islands of Tinian and Guam for the Chamber of Commerce and US Navy

► given tours of the islands to visitors interested in the history and culture: www.discoversaipan.com as well as www.discoverguam.com ( Watch video of tours)

► been interviewed by authors writing books on this US territory (See The Not Quite States of America by Doug Mack)

► been featured as an expert in the documentary, "American's Forgotten Colonies" (72,000 views as of this writing)

► written and published several books about Saipan, including
Jamaican on Saipan
Saipan Living
Doing Business on Saipan
Saipan Now
There's Something About Saipan
Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan, which remains the only first-hand account of factory life on Saipan and was used as a textbook in several "Textile Industry" and "Women's Studies" university courses in mainland US, and portions of which were excerpted in a French textbook on "The American Dream"
From Bugle Boy to Battleship
Drinking Seawater
The Amelia Earhart on Saipan tour supplement

► launched a Change.org campaign to encourage Crayola Crayons to name their new blue color "Saipan Blue" in tribute to the amazingly blue waters that surround the island and SaipanBlue.com

► launched a successful GoFundMe campaign to help certain victims and survivors of the category 5 super typhoon YUTU,

► been recognized by American Memorial Park (National Park Service) for efforts to increase visitorship through tours http://www.saipantribune.com January 11, 2018 See: Photo in Marianas Variety newspaper

► started health groups and staged screenings of health documentaries in order to raise the health consciousness on island

► ...AND been recognized by the CNMI Legislature's Resolution 15-54 for his contributions to CNMI society:

Here is an overview of the product series, passion projects and branded properties through which Walt achieves his mission: "I share what I know, so that others may grow!" [Download Media Kit/Resume]
Walt's Escape from America™
"The story of One man's escape!"
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"Saipan. The history and the mystery!"
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Saipan Writers™
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Jamaican on Saipan™
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Saipan Factory Girl™
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Best of Saipan™
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This Baby Can Speak English™
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Jamaican in China™
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